There are many benefits and disadvantages to different conservatory roofs and our ‘Guardian Warm Roof Preston’ blog will tell you everything you need to know about Conservatory Roofs as well as what you should look for in a Guardian Roof Installer. This is absolutely key to ensure you get the best deal and the best quality roof with outstanding installation that will last for years to come as well as transforming your older conservatory. 

Solid tiled are solid tiled Guardian Roofs are very well known to be the best and are also often referred to as Guardian Warm Roofs. In more recent years they have become the most popular choice of conservatory roofs to replace the older style conservatory roofs due to the huge number of benefits they offer. In 2013 the Local Authority Building Control released a circular containing some basic guidelines relating to Building  Regulation Legislation which apply to the replacement of glass or polycarbonate roofs to a solid roof. The Guardian Warm roof is known to be strong, lightweight and fully approved by the LABC and the LABSS.

What Types Of Conservatory Roofs Are There? 

  • Glass Conservatory Roofs
  • Polycarbonate Conservatory Roofs
  • Solid/Tiled Conservatory Roofs 

Why Should I Choose A Guardian Warm Roof? 

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If you have an older styled conservatory then it is more than likely to have a glass or polycarbonate roof and this truly is the main element of a conservatory that makes it a lot colder in the winter and hot in the summer. Conservatory structures and roofs have developed significantly over the last 10 years and there are now many options available when it comes to adding a conservatory to your home or by updating an already existing one. 

Finding the best company to fit Guardian Warm Roof in Preston is essential if you are thinking about updating your conservatory as they will check your existing conservatory structure is strong enough for a new roof, offer you design advice and have a huge range of options and styles to choose from to suit your home, as well as offering good and extensive guarantees, a professional service from start to finish and outstanding craftsmanship. 

If your conservatory is over 15 years old then it is more than likely that your roof will need to be replaced and you will want to make sure that your space is as comfortable and usable all year round and on top of all of this that your energy bills are manageable. There are a few key benefits to a Guardian Warm Roof and these are listed below.

1. Energy Efficient

Guardian Tiled conservatory roofs have a high grade of performance insulation which achieves a superior U-value of only 0.18 W/m.K in England and Wales. Every Guardian Roof is engineered precisely to your conservatories individual measurements and is pre-assembled under controlled factory conditions to ensure high quality before it is delivered to the site and installed for you, adding to the roofs energy efficiency.  

A brand new Guardian Roof will enable you to use your conservatory all year round compared to glass or polycarbonate roof which often make it too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. The solid tiles, its manufacturing process and insulation make their thermal efficiency (energy rating A) which will further reduce your energy bills and keep your conservatory temperature regulated and comfortable all year round.

2. Styles, Designs and Finishes

Solid Guardian Roofs come in a huge range of styles and colours for you to choose from and you can even choose to match them to your home’s existing roof or decide to go for something completely different to allow it to stand out. You can fit one or multiple Velux Roof Windows into your design which will give your space an open and airy feel. Guardian Roof Preston will be one that offers a free home survey where they will assess your existing conservatory to make sure that it is secure enough for a new solid tiled roof.

  1. Appearance 

Guardian Roofs have become increasingly popular when it comes to replacing a conservatory roof or adding a new one to your home. By replacing your glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof with a brand new and beautiful Guardian Warm Roof transforms it into the appearance of a ground floor extension and offers a modern and light bright internal space that will have the whole family using and loving it all year round. 

  1. Stable and Durable 

Solid Guardian Roofs are extremely durable and hard-wearing. The best manufacturers and suppliers of solid tiled conservatory roofs offer 10 years plus guarantees after installation, however, if you use a reputable company they will last a lot longer than this. A new Guardian roof offers strength and support to the structure and is cheaper than pulling it down and starting again.  

  1. Easy Installation 

A solid, tiled Guardian conservatory roof quickly and easily replaces a glass or polycarbonate roof meaning that you don’t have to start all over again. Most older styles of conservatory can have their roofs replaced easily as well as their internal features modernised and this can take just a few days, depending on the size. There is minimal disruption and mess as the new roof is manufactured and constructed to your measurements off-site, delivered and installed by an expert. Giving you the ultimate peace of mind. 

  1. Value for Money 

A solid, tiled Guardian conservatory roof can easily replace a glass or polycarbonate roof meaning that you don’t have the expenditure of pulling down your old conservatory and constructing a new one.  

  1. Timing

A Guardian Warm Roof can be replaced in a matter of days as the main structure of the site is manufactured off-site and then is delivered to the property when needed. The roof structure and panels slot together to make the construction quick and easy with minimal disruption and mess. 

  1. Noise & Sun

A Guardian Warm Roof significantly reduces the glare from the sun on bright days which will ultimately prevent your furniture and other personal belongings from bleaching and fading. If you have Velux windows fitted in your new roof you have the option to receive Velux blinds too which will protect your belongings. 

A Guardian Warm Roof can also eliminate noises from outside due to the thermal efficiencies as well as reducing noise from rain which is loud on older style conservatories, this results in a peaceful and relaxing space all year round. 

  1. Temperature Control 

A Guardian Warm Roof regulates the temperature of your conservatory to ensure that it is a comfortable through the entirety of the year. The roof has a high performance of insulation guarantees a lifetime’s worth of thermal performance. This will make your room warm in the winter and a lot cooler in the summer. 

  1. Maintenance 

A Guardian Warm Roof requires minimal maintenance if any at all. As your roof does need to be checked, cleared regularly and hosed down quickly and easily if needed to. If you compare this to a glass or polycarbonate roof which can be really difficult to clean, as you need someone to climb onto the roof to clear the panes, the choice is clear when it comes to roof maintenance. 

If you are looking for a Guardian Warm Roof Preston, contact us today on 01772 977 942 and one of our team of experts will be able to answer any questions you may have and can arrange a free, no-obligation survey and quote anywhere in the Preston area.